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Foamico’s Low-Pressure Cleaning Solutions


Optimise Your Food Production Hygiene with
Foamico’s Low-Pressure Cleaning Solutions

In the fast-paced world of food production, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards is paramount.  That’s where Foamico’s low-pressure cleaning systems step in, offering a reliable and efficient solution for Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) like sanitising equipment, floors, walls, and other surfaces exposed to food products.

At Hyjien, we proudly bring Foamico’s innovative technology to the forefront of the Australian food and beverage industry.

  • Centralised or decentralised systems or mobile units.
  • Central distributed pre-diluted chemicals or Satellite venturi systems
  • Automatic programmed cleaning systems
  • Wide range of Foamico accessories available
  • Proven in the Meat, food, beverage and dairy industries.

Foamico: Leading the Way in Low-Pressure Cleaning

Foamico Low Pressure Cleaning

Low Pressure Cleaning: Less Is More

In an industry where less is often more, low-pressure cleaning has emerged as the preferred choice. It offers a gentle yet effective approach to cleaning, ensuring the utmost hygiene without causing damage to sensitive surfaces.

Here’s why low-pressure cleaning is gaining traction:

Resource Efficiency

Low-pressure systems are known for their efficiency. They consume fewer resources, whether it’s water, chemicals, or energy. This not only reduces operational costs but also minimises your environmental footprint.

Surface Protection

The gentle spray pattern of low-pressure systems minimises the risk of surface damages to critical equipment. This is crucial in food production, where maintaining the integrity of surfaces is paramount for both hygiene and safety.

Enhanced Safety

Low-pressure systems provide operators with a wider spray pattern, enabling safer and more efficient cleaning practices. With reduced risk of injury, your cleaning crews can work confidently and effectively.

More Production

Efficient cleaning means less downtime. With low-pressure cleaning, you can ensure that your production lines stay up and running, optimising your overall productivity.

Quality Assurance

Food safety and product quality are non-negotiable. Low-pressure cleaning secures product quality and minimises the risk of contamination, ensuring that your end products meet the highest standards.

Hyjien, in partnership with Foamico, offers a comprehensive range of low-pressure cleaning equipment tailored specifically for the food, beverage, and dairy industries. Our technology empowers you to optimise your cleaning tasks by selecting the precise pressure, flow, foam, and disinfectant to meet your unique requirements.

Grundfos BluefluxFoamico is renowned for its extensive product offerings, ensuring that there’s a solution for every cleaning task and sector. Partnering with Grundfos, Foamico delivers pumps and software customised for maximum performance and ultimate efficiency. The Grundfos blueflux® label guarantees energy-optimised motor technology, ensuring both innovation and reliability.

Foamico Low Pressure Cleaning Trolly

Foamico Equipment and Systems: A Solution for Every Need


How Can Hyjien and Foamico Help You?

At Hyjien, we’re more than just distributors of Foamico’s cutting-edge technology. We’re your partners in achieving optimal food production hygiene. Our engineering team is dedicated to designing the ideal Foamico low-pressure cleaning system for your plant, tailored to your unique requirements.

As the leading distributor of Foamico in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania, we offer not only top-quality equipment but also advanced computer modelling and demonstrations. You can even test a free demonstration unit in your own environment to experience the benefits firsthand. 

We provide comprehensive support, including equipment maintenance, spare parts, regular service calls, and on-site training for maintenance personnel and cleaning teams. This ensures that your cleaning equipment investment is maximised, and your brand is protected.  Additionally, Hyjien offers auditing support and other solutions to enhance your food production hygiene practices.


Foamico Mobile Cleaning Units

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Foamico’s mobile units, equipped with booster pumps and air compressors, offer flexibility and convenience. These units are connected to the water supply via hoses and power cables, providing an efficient and mobile cleaning solution.


Foamico Stationary Cleaning Units

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These de-centralised systems, complete with Main stations and satellite units, allow multiple users to clean simultaneously. Each satellite unit is autonomous, offering independently selectable functions, including rinsing, foaming, and sanitising.


Foamico Booster Pump Systems

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A booster pumps system serve up 27, wall-mounted Satellites unite and provide the ultimate convenience for rinsing, foaming, and disinfecting. The systems can be duplicated with additional satellite stations to suit your needs..


Foamico Pre-Diluted Chemical Systems

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These centralised systems offer advantages such centralised chemical storage, reduced manual handling and only diluted chemicals in the production areas. The satellite unit can function independently, offering various cleaning methods, including rinsing and foaming.


Foamico automated cleaning

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Foamico Automated Cleaning Systems decreases the overall cost of the cleaning, but it also minimizes the number of laborious and physically demanding cleaning steps, thereby reducing cleaning time and improving cleaning effectiveness.


Foamico Accessories

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Foamico Accessories Foamico offers a wide range of accessories to complement your low-pressure cleaning system, including hoses, stainless steel hose reels, low-pressure valves, nozzles, fittings, and more.

Contact us for a White Paper discussing the Automated Cleaning System and how to implement that best.