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Hygiene Consulting

To optimise your cleaning process effectivness

  • Our Consult can assist you with the optimisation of your cleaning process.
  • Is your labour utilisation as efficient as it can be?
  • Is your Cleaning and Sanitation delivering the Food Safety outcomes you are looking for?
  • Are safe work practices in place on your cleaning shift?
  • Are your use of water, chemical and energy resources optimised?

Experienced Consulting Lifting Your Food Hygiene Standards

In the world of food production and manufacturing, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene is not just a best practice; it’s a legal and moral obligation. Ensuring that your cleaning processes are not only effective but also efficient is paramount. This is where Food Hygiene Consulting comes into play.

Our comprehensive hygiene consulting services are designed to optimise your cleaning processes, enhance food safety outcomes, and drive operational efficiency

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The Power of Consultation

Our consulting services undertake a comprehensive review of your current cleaning cycle and its procedures, providing valuable insights and recommendations to make your cleaning cycle more effective. Here’s a closer look at how our expert consultancy can benefit your operations:

hyjienThe Power of Consultation

1. Cleaning Process Optimization

Hyjien-ConsultationIs your cleaning process as efficient as it can be? Our consultants review of your current cleaning cycle and analyse every step of your cleaning procedures, from timing, equipment usage to the allocation of resources. We identify areas where improvements can be made, and provide you with a report outlining the steps needed to start streamlining your cleaning process for maximum effectiveness.
Cleaning Training

2. Labor Utilization Efficiency

Hyjien-ConsultationEfficient labour utilisation is crucial in food hygiene. Our consultants assess your labour practices to ensure that your cleaning staff is optimally efficient. This includes evaluating daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly task schedules, task allocation, and identifying opportunities for workflow enhancements.

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3. Food Safety Enhancement

Hyjien-ConsultationFood safety is non-negotiable. Our consultants evaluate your Cleaning and Sanitation Program to ensure that it aligns with industry standards and delivers the food safety outcomes you seek. We provide recommendations to strengthen your hygiene program, safeguarding the quality and safety of your food products.
hyjienFood Safety Enhancement

4. Safe Work Practices

Hyjien-ConsultationStaff safety is a top priority during cleaning shifts. Our consultants assess your workplace to ensure that safe work practices are in place. This includes proper staff training, equipment and hose usage, and adherence to safety protocols, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
Safe Work Practices

5. Resource Optimisation

Hyjien-ConsultationOur consult is focused on fin ding the most efficient use of water, and chemicals, as is the fastest way to improve cost-effectiveness.  This process has the added bonus of being environmentally responsible. Our consultants examine all your resource consumption as a whole and provide strategies for optimization, reducing waste, lowering energy resources and operational costs.

Resource Optimisation

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