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Hyjien is the proud supplier of FOAMICO Products
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Hyjien is a proud Australian supplier of FOAMICO and Xucla Products

Parts & Service


Food Production Cleaning Machinery Parts & Service

Trained Hygiene technicians can service your equipment On demand or as a scheduled service. Our technicians can provide experienced servicing of Foamico and most other low-pressure satellites, main stations, mobile units and booster systems.

Hyjien Improving Australian Food hygiene systems reliability. Call us for support with your Foamico, System Cleaners, Nilfisk, and other foaming systems.

Foamico Products


Mobile and Centralised Cleaning Solutions

Foamico systems make life easier for food or beverage companies’ by simplifying your daily cleaning process. As your partner and dedicated support partner, Hyjien will help you meet the constantly changing demands in regard to sustainability, food safety, working environment, and competitiveness.  Call us for Foamico foam, Foamico parts, and Foamico mobile.  Hyjien supplies Foamico Australia, Foaming Satellite, for food plant rinsing, foaming and disinfecting.

Xucla Products

Xucla Hygiene Equipment

Hygienic equipment – Entrance access control and sterilisation

For more than six decades, Xucla solutions have included hygienic entrance, handwashing, shoe / boots washing, disinfection and sterilisation, access control. Trolley column lifts and tippers, Automatic stacker/ de-stacker for crate and tray washers, Hydraulic tipper for barrels and containers.

 Xucla stands as a trusted brand in the realm of food sanitation and hygiene.

Turnkey Solutions

Hyjien Turmkey Hygiene Systems

 Hygiene System Design, Supply & Installation

Hyjien, specialise in offering turnkey solutions that cover every aspect of your cleaning and hygiene needs. From design and specification to installation and beyond, we have the expertise to ensure your facility operates at the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

We deliver hygiene, washing, or cleaning systems to food manufacturing and processing plants.

Hyjien Your Trusted Partner in Food hygiene systems


Foamico Mobile Cleaning Units

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Foamico’s mobile units, equipped with booster pumps and air compressors, offer flexibility and convenience. These units are connected to the water supply via hoses and power cables, providing an efficient and mobile cleaning solution.


Foamico Stationary Cleaning Units

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These de-centralised systems, complete with Main stations and satellite units, allow multiple users to clean simultaneously. Each satellite unit is autonomous, offering independently selectable functions, including rinsing, foaming, and sanitising.


Foamico Booster Pump Systems

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A booster pumps system serve up 27, wall-mounted Satellites unite and provide the ultimate convenience for rinsing, foaming, and disinfecting. The systems can be duplicated with additional satellite stations to suit your needs..


Foamico Pre-Diluted Chemical Systems

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These centralised systems offer advantages such centralised chemical storage, reduced manual handling and only diluted chemicals in the production areas. The satellite unit can function independently, offering various cleaning methods, including rinsing and foaming.


Foamico automated cleaning

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Foamico Automated Cleaning Systems decreases the overall cost of the cleaning, but it also minimizes the number of laborious and physically demanding cleaning steps, thereby reducing cleaning time and improving cleaning effectiveness.


Foamico Accessories

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Foamico Accessories Foamico offers a wide range of accessories to complement your low-pressure cleaning system, including hoses, stainless steel hose reels, low-pressure valves, nozzles, fittings, and more.


Crates, Trolleys, Modular, folding container

Xucla Hygienic Pass Through

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Tunnel for washing trolleys and shelves. Production 50-60 u/h. A compact and ergonomic design. Loading and unloading the trolleys and shelves is automatic. Rinsing with direct mains water. AISI 304 stainless steel construction. Folding return ramp. Upper body with side hinges and gas cylinders for inspection and maintenance.


Disinfection of hands, soles, boots and shoes

Xucla Hygienic Pass Through

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Hygienic station with washing process + rinse, drying and sterilising hands. During the wash-disinfected cycle of the hands, a wash is made on the soles of the shoes. At the exit, an automatic barrier allows the passage if the washing and sterilization processes have been carried out.


Crates, Trolleys, Modular, folding container

Xucla Bin Lifts & Tippers

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Lift-tipper for trolleys of 200 litres. Compact and functional design intended for maximum security. Adjustable height unloads up to 1.5 meters. Maximum height load 250kg. With lifting column on the right or left seen from the loading area.


Basins, Sinks, Lockers, Tables, Drains

Xucla Personal Hygiene Stations

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AISI-304. Stainless steel construction, finished by the projection of micro ceramic spheres. Optional Knee push actuator. 2, 3, 4 and 5 stainless steel faucets. PVC Soap dispenser. General network of water distribution to a single intake of ¾. Water connections of ¾” (hot and cold).

Foamico Systems and Service Solutions

Foamico Foaming Systems: Experience superior cleaning with Foamico’s cutting-edge foaming systems. Our technology ensures efficient and targeted application for optimal results, leaving surfaces spotless and sanitised.

Hyjien: Proudly serving Australia with top-tier Foamico foaming solutions. Elevate your cleaning experience with our advanced systems, designed for versatility and effectiveness in various industries.

Foamico Hoses: Discover durability and flexibility with Foamico hoses. Engineered for optimal performance, our hoses are a crucial component in delivering the perfect foam application for your cleaning needs.

Foamico Mobile: On-the-go cleaning made easy with Foamico Mobile solutions. Our portable systems guarantee hassle-free cleaning wherever you need it, ensuring convenience without compromising on quality.

Foamico Mainstation: Powerful and reliable, Foamico Mainstations are the heart of your cleaning setup. Experience centralised control and efficiency with our state-of-the-art mainstation technology.

Foamico Satellites: Extend your reach with Foamico systems. These satellite units enhance coverage and ensure thorough cleaning, making them an indispensable part of your cleaning arsenal.

Foamico Booster: Boost your cleaning power with Foamico Booster. Designed for enhanced foam generation, our boosters guarantee optimal performance and efficiency in every cleaning task.

Foamico Automatic: Effortless cleaning with Foamico Automatic systems. Experience hands-free operation and precise application, ensuring consistent and reliable results every time.

Foamico Prediluted: Simplify your cleaning process with Foamico Prediluted solutions. Our pre-mixed formulations ensure accuracy and efficiency, saving you time and effort.

Foamico Mobile: Cleaning flexibility at your fingertips with Foamico Mobile solutions. Take control of your cleaning tasks on the move, ensuring cleanliness wherever you go.

Foamico Trolleys: Maximise mobility and efficiency with Foamico Trolleys. Our trolleys are designed for ease of use, ensuring seamless transportation and operation of your foaming system.

Foamico Wall-Mounted Cleaning Station: Optimise your space with Foamico Wall-Mounted Cleaning Stations. These compact units provide convenience and efficiency, making them ideal for various cleaning applications.

Foamico Automated Cleaning System: Experience the future of cleaning with Foamico’s Automated Cleaning System. Streamline your operations with intelligent automation, ensuring consistent and efficient cleaning performance.


Foamico Rinse, Foam, and Disinfect: Streamline your cleaning process with Foamico’s all-in-one solution. Our rinse, foam, and disinfect systems ensure comprehensive and efficient cleaning in a single operation.

Foamico Cleaning Equipment: Invest in quality cleaning with Foamico’s advanced equipment. From hoses to mobile units, our cleaning solutions are engineered for durability and performance.

Foamico Surface Cleaning Solutions: Elevate your surface cleaning game with Foamico solutions. Our products are designed to deliver unparalleled results, ensuring pristine surfaces in various environments.

Foamico Low Pressure Cleaning: Gentle yet effective, Foamico Low Pressure Cleaning is perfect for delicate surfaces. Experience thorough cleaning without the risk of damage, preserving the integrity of your materials.

Foamico Satellite System: Extend your cleaning reach with Foamico Satellite Systems. These satellite units provide additional coverage, ensuring no area is left untouched during your cleaning process.

Foamico Mixing Stations: Achieve precise dilution with Foamico Mixing Stations. Our stations ensure accurate mixing for optimal cleaning solutions, maintaining efficiency in your cleaning operations.

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