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Foamico PSU 0127 Pre-Diluted Systems


The PSU 0127 satellite for pre-dilluted chemicals (PDC) is to be connected with FOAMICO mixing stations B-D 40-10F, B-D 80-10F or B-D 120-10F and a Foamico booster.

  • Pre-mix chemical station.
  • Up to 15 users
  • No chemical exposure for staff.
  • Centralised system.
  • 8 Bar pressure
  • Pre-diluted satellites units.
  • Pre-diluted satellites water pressure up to 27 bar.
  • Foam, rinse and spray applications.

This will provide the satellite with PDC and pressurized water. PSU 0127 satellite for PDC are available in 9 standard versions. The system is capable of handling 2 chemicals in a single block with only one outlet!


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